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Meet the Bathroom Werx Franchising Team

George YamGeorgemouni, CEO of the Bathroom Werx Group

George is one of the most positive people you could ever meet. He is one of Australia’s leading exponents of service franchising. Having been a franchisee himself he under-stands what it takes to build up a successful franchise.

His wealth of experience and knowledge benefits all our franchisees. Having started the business from scratch in 1986, Bathroom Werx continued its expansion within the Melbourne market and by early 1990 the time was right to commence national franchising. The Melbourne experience provided the group with an excellent reputa-tion in the market place which enabled the concept to be replicated nationally.

The Melbourne Franchise is the testing ground for new technical, marketing and administrative processes. This ensures that when these processes and procedures are disseminated to other Franchisees they have al-ready gone through the testing process and any difficulties or ‘bugs’ have already been ‘ironed’ out.

George uses his wealth of knowledge and his background as a Certified Practising Accountant to assist all other Franchisees in the group. He is also pro-active in using external consultants for the purposes of business planning, marketing and other team building programs.

George has also been active in the Franchise community and has served on the Board of the Franchise Council of Australia for 10 years — 2 years as Chairman, 2 years as Deputy Chairman, 8 years as Finance Director and 3 years as President of the Victorian Chapter.

Angela Serdar , General Manager, Bathroom Werx AustraliaAngela

Angela has been with Bathroom Werx since 1991. She has grown up in the business and now runs the Bathroom Werx operations in Australia. Her experience and knowledge in this industry is second to none.

Angela manages the scheduling of all work for all our Franchisees with the assistance of her dedicated team at the National Head Office.  They are all focused on supporting our Franchisees on a day to day  basis.

John Yammouni, National Technical Operations Manager

John John started in this business in 1987 as a Technician.

He has the experience of restoring over 1,000 bathroom during this time. He is well suited and qualified to provide Technical advice and support to all our Franchisees.

John is also in charge of our ongoing Research and Development and ensuring our product and processes are state of the art.


Gary Edwards, National Quality Control & Training ManagerGary Edwards

Gary has been with Bathroom Werx since 1991. He started as a Technician and then worked his way up to Quality Control Manager. He is now involved with training our new Tech-nicians and is a qualified trainer.


Ivor Craine – Paint Chemist

Ivor has many years of experience in industrial chemicals and civoroatings.

Ivor is responsible for making our unique Werx Enamel and ensuring that we keep up with the latest developments in paint industry and technology.


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