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Ken Tembo talks about how he got into Bathroom Werx

Ken Tembo talks about how he got into a Bathroom Werx Franchisee You wouldn’t normally consider it a promotion to go from the hotel checkout to the hotel bathroom. But for me that’s what it was! I was in the hospitality industry for about 13 years, managing restaurants, bars and staff. To be honest I was just tired of the long hours. I don’t mind long hours if you’re getting paid, but...
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From Designing Clothes to Bathroom Makeovers

bathroom werx franchise
  What makes a man leave his country, family and friends to migrate all the way to Australia? The latest addition to the Bathroom Werx Team in Sydney, Ali Hamadi, has done just that. He migrated to Australia in 2007 from Lebanon. Ali is a qualified Graphic Designer and previously owned a designer children’s wear clothing and shoe store in Beirut. Shortly after marrying, the young ...
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From Expert Trainer and Assesor to Bathroom Specialist

  When Arnold was growing up, he thought that he would follow in his Father’s footsteps and become a Motor Mechanic. So at age 15, Arnold started his Motor Mechanic Apprenticeship at his Father’s Service Station. After two years of doing this, Arnold decided that this was not for him so he then took up a cadetship at Repco and over the next four years worked his way up to Store Manager ...
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