Bathroom Werx Franchisee Reviews

We have many success stories from our Franchisees. Read what they have to say about us and their franchise

Franchisee Stories - Arnold

From expert trainer & assessor to Bathroom Specialist

Bathroom Werx Franchisee Reviews | Bathroom renovation franchise Australia

"I was attracted to Bathroom Werx because of all the unique systems that they run. I like the idea of being in partnership with my Franchisor and the fact that this is a family business.

The home renovation market is booming and I love being part of it. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and this is ideal work for me.

There is a lot of enjoyment is making an old bathroom look like new again and watching my Customers faces light up as I transform their bathroom back to new", says Arnold.

Franchisee Stories - Larry Loton

What's a Container Ship have in Common with a Bathroom?

Bathroom Werx Franchisee Reviews | Bathroom renovation franchise Australia

Having worked on some of Melbourne's largest container ships and vessels, Larry Loton brings a wealth of experience to his new Bathroom Werx business.

"This is the sort of business that I have been looking for a long time.

I love using my hands to make things and I love the idea of the franchise system providing me with all my work. That means I can concentrate on doing a great job for my Customers instead of worrying about all the other things involved in running a business!" says Larry.

Larry left school at 16years of age to start an Apprenticeship as a Boiler Maker with a large UK based engineering firm in Footscray where he completed his Apprenticeship.

Franchisee Stories - Ali Hamadi

From Designing Clothes to Bathroom Makeovers

Bathroom Werx Franchisee Reviews | Bathroom renovation franchise Australia

What makes a man leave his country, family and friends  to migrate all the way to Australia?

The latest addition to the Bathroom Werx Team in Sydney, Ali Hamadi, has done just that.

He migrated to Australia in 2007 from Lebanon. Ali is a qualified Graphic Designer and previously owned a designer children's wear clothing and shoe store in Beirut.

Shortly after marrying, the young couple decided to migrate to Australia so that they could get away from the troubles of the middle east and be able to raise their children in a safe environment that offered more opportunities for their future.

Shortly after arriving in Australia, Ali got a job with one of our Bathroom Werx Franchisees in Sydney.  It didn't take him long to learn the trade before he was out on his own as a full time Technician.

When the opportunity arose to buy his own Franchise in Sydney, Ali jumped at the chance. "It is in my blood to own my own business so I very pleased when I was accepted to become a Franchisee!"

Bathroom Werx Franchisee Reviews | Bathroom renovation franchise Australia
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Bathroom Werx Franchisee Reviews | Bathroom renovation franchise Australia

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